Changing the dog's diet PrimaDog

Changing the dog's diet

Easy steps for switching into a new food

Some dogs are naturally very picky and don’t like changing their food into a new one. 
To make the switch easier for you dog, you can try these helpful tips:

  • Always switch into a new food gradually by mixing new and old food together in the same bowl. On the first day, use only 1/5 of the new food and increase the amount gradually during the following days. Some dogs get accustomed to a new food in a few weeks, but for some dogs this might take longer.
  • Switching into a new diet can sometimes cause the dog's stomach to get upset. Observe your dog’s stool when changing into a new food and adjust the feeding accordingly.
  • Add a small amount of your dog's favorite treats on the top of the food to increase your dog's interest. 
  • Mix the new dry food with wet food. 
  • Add e.g. some unseasoned minced meat to the new food.