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Choosing the right food for your dog

The dog food selection is very wide these days and it can be quite a jungle for the dog owner. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different options on store shelves, from dry food to raw meat and dog sausage. Often the easiest choice for a dog’s daily diet is dry food. High-quality dry food contains all the nutrients your dog needs and keeps your dog in good condition.


Every dog is an individual. What suits one dog can cause stomach upsets or allergies for another. At PrimaDog, we do everything we can to provide your dog with healthy and safe food options, but as the owner you are always the best expert on your dog’s well-being.

You can assess the suitability of a food for your dog by observing the following items, for example:

  • Skin and coat: A proper diet will not itch the dog’s skin and its coat will remain shiny and in good condition.
  • Weight: The dog is of normal weight and in good general condition.
  • The dog's droppings are solid and neat.



Dry food, kibble, bite, piece... The familiar product has many names, although dog kibbles are available tailored to many different needs. The choice of dry food should consider the individual needs of the dog. An active and mobile dog needs higher-energy food than a dog taking quiet daily walks. An elderly dog, on the other hand, may be prone to overweight, making it a good idea to choose low-fat dry food. Size also matters: the nutritional needs of a small and a large dog are different.

When choosing dry food, your consideration may include the following criteria:


  • Even in dry food, the first raw material should be meat. This can be ascertained by examining the product description. Ingredients are always listed in order of content, from highest to lowest, i.e. if meat or meat meal is listed first, it is the largest ingredient in the kibble.
  • Does your dog have allergies? Kibbles are made using different meats, and not all ingredients are always suitable for all dogs. Sensitive dogs can tolerate e.g. lamb or game better.
  • Grain-free or regular? For example, if your dog suffers skin symptoms easily, grain-free dry food may be a good option. PrimaDog's dry foods are always wheat-free and there are also a few completely grain-free options in the selection.
  • The age and size of your dog. The needs of a puppy, adult and senior vary. A puppy should always be fed puppy food that supports its growth. A senior, on the other hand, may need joint-supporting ingredients or less fat in its diet if there is little exercise.
  • PrimaDog's dry foods are meaty and grain-free complete foods that meet all of your dog's nutritional requirements. Our high-quality products are readily available in grocery stores where you make your other food purchases as well.