How many treats can I give my dog?

You can use treats as a reward when you are training your dog or in everyday situations and, naturally, to pamper your four-legged friend. However, treats are not a substitute for proper dog food, so you should always give your dog treats in moderation, and do not replace your dog's daily nutrition requirements with treats.  Treats should only ever account for a moderate amount of your dog's daily food intake, and the total proportion should be less than 10% of the dog's daily intake. This is also a good rule of thumb for chewbones: they should not account for more than 10% of your dog's daily food intake. Always keep an eye on your dog when you have given him/her a treat or chewbone.

Treats should not account for more than 10% of your dog's daily food intake

PrimaDog foods have been designed to provide your dog with all the necessary and important vitamins and minerals. For this reason, when you are giving your dog treats, it is important to ensure that your dog eats the right amount of food every day. This ensures that your dog eats a nourishing diet and also helps to keep your dog at the right weight. 

In other words, give treats responsibly and take your dog's well-being into consideration. However, if your dog seems to need a lot of treats when you are training him/her, you should use a low-fat snack intended for use as a training treat (such as PrimaDog Training Snacks). PrimaDog's range includes delicious treats of all sizes and flavours for various treating occasions. It is a good idea to choose a treat that suits the situation and the dog. It is also important that your dog finds the treat a delicious and satisfactory reward for good training or tricks.

Instead of giving treats, a good alternative for training may be a piece of dry food or a chopped and frozen sausage – the training snacks will then become part of the dog's daily diet. For the sake of variety, you could choose to buy a dry food with a different flavour than the everyday dry food and use this as a reward. 

If you would like some variation in your dog's dry food, you could try something from the range of wet foods designed to meet your dog's entire nutritional requirements. Examples of these include PrimaDog sausages and meals. When you are planning your dog's diet, consider whether you are giving your dog complete nutrition or supplementary nutrition. In other words, should the food contain all of the daily vitamins and minerals? Supplementary nutrition is often added to dry food to make it taste better or to add fat to the diet of a very active dog.