PrimaDog meaty and wheat-free dog food

Meaty meals travel to the bowl from our factory in Estonia

PrimaDog-meals are manufactured at our factory in Estonia, about 150 kilometres from Tallinn. The factory has almost 30 years of experience in making dog food. The recipes are designed with the well-being of pets in mind, measured by the pet's shiny coat, good general condition and, of course, tastiness. The equipment is also constantly invested in, and the factory has modern equipment at its disposal to ensure the pace of production, product quality and the occupational safety of employees.

Raw materials for the meals are sourced from an international supplier with whom cooperation has continued for a long time. The supplier procures frozen raw materials from slaughterhouses in the Baltics and Finland, and it is possible to trace the origin of all the ingredients used in the factory.

The frozen raw material and a touch of rice are made into a food mass according to a carefully developed recipe, and the mass is fed into sachets by a machine. Each sachet is weighed and then cooked in an autoclave oven. Autoclave treatment gives the product a long shelf life and ensures that the product stays delicious and fresh throughout its life cycle. Thanks to this method of cooking, the meals are preserved unopened at room temperature. The autoclave and the sterilisation process also make it possible to avoid the need to use extra additives or preservatives in our wet foods. PrimaDog meals are nutritious, easy to use and designed to be the best for your dog – with love from us to our four-legged friends.


PrimaDog meals come from Estonia