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Wheat-free dog food

More meat, no wheat

Meat is the most important element of a dog's nutrition. That is why meat is always the most important ingredient in PrimaDog complete nutrition foods.
Meat is essential for your dog's muscles and fitness, and although dogs are able to utilise carbohydrates, they mainly use them to promote digestion. Dogs have short digestive tracts, and the fibres in carbohydrates contribute to the food mass flowing through the digestive tract. Fat is also important in a dog's diet, as fat is the most important source of energy for dogs.

Why is our food wheat-free?

No wheat
In every wheat-free PrimaDog product you can find this icon.

Meat is always the main ingredient in our foods. We use gluten-free potato, dried apple, pea starch and easy-to-

digest sweetcorn as sources of carbohydrates. Dogs are carnivores, but they are also able to make use of the carbohydrates in their food. However, meat should always be the fundamental ingredient of a dog's diet.

Nevertheless, an analysis of the nutritional content of many dog food brands reveals that this is not always the case, not even among the options sold in pet shops. Many manufacturers use wheat or soya as a cheap ingredient to increase the weight of the food, as meat is often also the most expensive ingredient in dog food.

Some dogs are better at digesting wheat than others. However, wheat and soya can be allergenic substances for dogs. Canine well-being always comes first for PrimaDog. That is why the recipes for our foods have been carefully designed, and our complete nutrition meals only contain ingredients that dogs can effectively utilise for nourishment. PrimaDog does not pad its foods out with wheat or cheap soya. More meat, no wheat!

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A grain-free alternative

Some dogs cannot have any grain in their diets. For this reason, we have also developed entirely grain-free complete nutrition foods. Our grain-free dry foods are particularly suitable for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs. We have developed the recipes for our grain-free dog foods so that they contain as few allergens as possible, and PrimaDog's grain-free complete nutrition foods do not contain any ordinary sources of carbohydrates such as sweetcorn, wheat, rice, potato or sweet potato.

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